Technology driven safety are three words that most aptly describe the Monroe commitment to product research and development. Many Monroe shock absorber products incorporate world first and patented technologies.

Whatever the future holds for our automotive mobility, you can rest assured that Monroe will be there with more shock absorber technical innovations to provide you with precise control, ride comfort and enhanced safety.

Monroe remains unstoppable when it comes to ensuring improved road safety through new ride control technology and there is a Monroe shock absorber product to suit almost every vehicle on our roads.


The world’s most demanding car manufacturers — Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus — demand it. It’s sold over a million units as original equipment. And it’s helped win both the Paris to Dakar Rally and the World Rally Championships… twice.

Welcome to Monroe’s game-changing Continuous Control Electronic Suspension (CCES) system. With axel, bodywork and steering sensor control every 6th millisecond, it is, quite simply, the best ever built.

For a young entrepreneur named August F. Meyer, this was an opportunity too great to pass up. It seemed logical to Meyer that, with all those flat tyres, there should be quite a market for tyre pumps. Meyer established the Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company in Monroe, Michigan. Under Meyer’s leadership, Brisk Blast soon became a leading producer of tyre pumps.

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